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Online Marketing is Complicated

You’re good at what you do – whether it’s repairing cars, remodeling houses, or designing landscaping.  And you know you should be working on marketing your business every day. But you’d rather do what you’re good at.

We can help you develop a digital marketing plan that gets real results. More clicks to your website.  More calls.  And more new clients.

But first we make sure you have a clear marketing strategy in place before you start implementing new online activities and tactics like social media, paid Google or Facebook ads, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Your Toolbox

The biggest challenge with digital marketing is often knowing where to start.   What’s your goal?   Are you trying to find new clients?  Or get existing clients to come back?  Do you need to improve your Google Business Page?  Or your search result rankings?  Should you run a paid Facebook or Google ad campaign?  We can help you make sure you are spending your limited marketing budget on the activities that will give you the greatest return based on your marketing goals. 


Website Design

Google Business

Digital Strategy



Facebook Advertising

This is what sets us apart from traditional web developers.  We not only have the web development experience to implement the latest tools, but the marketing experience to make sure you have a clear marketing strategy in place before you implement new tactics like Social Media, Facebook ads, or email campaigns.  We often find our new clients trying to chase the latest online marketing trend without understanding how it improves their overall marketing strategy.

Results Matter

The beauty of digital marketing is that the results are measurable.  Does your website rank higher in the searches your target customers are making?  Are you getting more clicks to your website?  Are you getting more calls?  If your marketing is not getting the results you want we will work to get the results you deserve.

Increased Traffic

Get your website in front of your target customers when and where they are looking for you, whether it’s Google searches, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram.


Repeat Customers

Develop regular, ongoing marketing efforts that keep your best customers engaged and coming back, while also recommending you to friends and family.

Long-term Results

When you find the right customers who value your work, return on a regular basic, and recommend you to others, you will see your revenue and profits grow! 

About Us

The team at Demand Generation Engine has over 20 years of experience working online with both website development and marketing.  Our experienced team is committed to providing a great customer experience by understanding our customer’s needs and providing cost effective results.  Our goal is to help our customers grow their offline business by using online tools.  Our services should pay for themselves and more through increased leads to your website, increased customer retention, and increased revenue and profit.  And we guarantee our work.

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with, as well as being good at what we do. If working with your current partners feels more like a bad relationship than a functional partnership, then give us a call.

John Bundy

John Bundy brings over 25 years of experience in all aspects of digital development. His expertise includes instructional design development, online and mobile app creation, and website development. John’s experience spans from major pharmaceutical companies to local businesses. Currently, his focus is on web development, search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing, and online education/training. His comprehensive knowledge and skills have been instrumental in delivering innovative and effective digital solutions to a diverse range of clients.

John excels in all facets of digital development and design, with a passion for creating engaging and compelling solutions. He is enthusiastic about life, technology, and innovation, constantly striving to introduce fresh ideas to his projects. John’s passion lies in developing captivating solutions that drive meaningful outcomes.

Ian Lomax

Ian has over 20 years of marketing experience ranging from helping start-ups find their first clients through direct mail campaigns, to developing and running multi-million dollar demand generation programs for a Fortune 50 technology company. He brings an analytical spin to marketing, focusing on programs and activities that produce measurable outcomes and results for his partners.

After spending over 10 years helping large companies grow or maintain market share through marketing and sales programs, he left the corporate world to start his own business with his partner Kim. He has spent the past 13 years launching and running small businesses where he was responsible for everything from the overall strategy, to the sales and marketing strategy and implementation, to making coffee.  Lots of coffee. He recently teamed up with John Bundy to help other small businesses grow and succeed through effective, measurable online marketing programs and processes.


“I couldn’t be happier with all the work you have done for me and the results speak for themselves.”



Therapist - Business Owner

“A blend of excellent communication skills and an affable nature. Your client-centric approach is apparent in every interaction, always ensuring the clients feel valued and prioritized.


Harbor Fish - Portland, ME

I’ve been impressed time and time again by the agility with which he and his team apply problem-solving skills across a wide spectrum of technologies and diverse industries.


Consultant - Business Owner

Results Guaranteed

  • Your website comes with our guaranteed lead generation service. With us, you can experience the results without the risk.
  • You’re not just getting a website.
  • You’re getting a stronger business.

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