About Us

The team at Demand Generation Engine has over 20 years of experience working online with both website development and marketing.  Our experienced team is committed to providing a great customer experience by understanding our customer’s needs and providing cost effective results.  Our goal is to help our customers grow their offline business by using online tools.  Our services should pay for themselves and more through increased leads to your website, increased customer retention, and increased revenue and profit.  And we guarantee our work.

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with, as well as being good at what we do. If working with your current partners feels more like a bad relationship than a functional partnership, then give us a call.

John Bundy

John has been running his own business building websites and interactive online training courses for nearly 30 years, and has experience in everything from HTML to CSS to working with WIX and WordPress.  He’s an expert at SEO and improving Google search results. 

He is also trusted by major life sciences companies to create interactive training  websites that require high levels of security and confidentiality for new product launches.

After starting his career as an accountant he quickly realized he preferred the technology behind the accounting firms more than the actual accounting, and started helping them with their IT infrastructure.  Eventually leading to building websites and more before going off to start his own business.


Ian Lomax

Ian has over 20 years of marketing experience ranging from helping start-ups find their first clients through direct mail campaigns, to developing and running multi-million dollar demand generation programs for a Fortune 50 technology company. He brings an analytical spin to marketing, focusing on programs and activities that produce measurable outcomes and results for his partners.

After spending over 10 years helping large companies grow or maintain market share through marketing and sales programs, he left the corporate world to start his own business with his partner Kim. He has spent the past 13 years launching and running small businesses where he was responsible for everything from the overall strategy, to the sales and marketing strategy and implementation, to making coffee.  Lots of coffee. He recently teamed up with John Bundy to help other small businesses grow and succeed through effective, measurable online marketing programs and processes.

Results Guaranteed

  • Your website comes with our guaranteed lead generation service. Get better results without the risk.
  • You’re not just getting a website.
  • You’re getting a stronger business.

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